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2010.06-2015.09 the club suspended Chow Chow dog show
2010-06-01    Source:CNCC CHINA CHOW CHOW CLUB     Browse:

2010 06-2015 09 the club suspended dog show,Chow Chow dog show,Chow Chow show
2010.06-2015.09 the club suspended dog show

During this period, the club will devote itself to the breeding of purebred Chow, and strive to make a higher stage for the development of Chinese purebred Chow In this center thanks for many years of support and care 25925 of the general membership and friends from all walks of life In the future we will give you a bigger surprise Push the level of Chinese Chow Chow Elephant to a higher level The exact time of the competition will be announced according to the arrangement of the competition, the level of the referees and the global economic situation
2010.06-2015.09 the club suspended Chow Chow dog show

2010.06-2015.09 the club suspended Chow Chow dog show photos

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